Almost every device made today comes with some form of connectivity through which you can browse the internet, share files, synchronise across all your plethora of devices, play music watch videos, etc.


People are moving away from the cumbersome nature of devices that involves carrying wires and cables to do any of the above examples I gave.


There are wireless chargers to power your devices; Bluetooth enabled sound systems that have no visible wires for connectivity, wireless headsets and even earpiece!


Therefore, if you have an iPod that traditionally does not come with wireless features this article will show you how to make your iPod wireless through Bluetooth connectivity. To do this, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter connected to your iPod.

Two Options For Bluetooth Transmitters


The Bluetooth transmitters specifically made for iPods with dock connector. In this category, there are varying brands in the market some of which include the Sennheiser Bluetooth transmitter, Reytid iDock iPod Bluetooth wireless music receiver, the Bluetooth transmitter dongle for iPod Nano touch video mini-shuffle, etc. the average price range from $10 to $40.


Universal Bluetooth transmitter connecting via 3.5mm wired headsets output. Quality products available in this section include the Aluratek 3.0 stereo Music 3.5mm-audio wireless transmitter adapter, Insten universal Bluetooth transmitter with 35mm audio cable, Axxess universal Bluetooth modulator and prices range from upward of $50.

The choice you are going to make is dependent on two factors:


If you want to play music from your iPod exclusively then I advise that you buy one from the Bluetooth transmitters made only for iPods because the transmitter is connected to the iPod without the need for cables. Some have a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones that are cost effective.



You could also get a transmitter and pick the Bluetooth stereo headphones of your choice to have a blast listening to whatever tickles your fancy. If you want to play music from several audio devices, it is sensible to purchase a universal Bluetooth transmitter. Just as the name sounds this device can transmit Bluetooth signal from MP3 players, DVD players, laptops sound systems, internet TV, iPods, etc. These days, you can barely find any Bluetooth stereo headphone that does not have the feature of hands-free ability. This lets you go from listening to music in one second and answering a phone call seamlessly in the next.

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